Arnie's a card shark, who tricked Rudy into gambling with pool games.

he tricked Rudy into gambling first the gang was bowling and then Rudy met Arnie who is actually a pool shark he then gambled with him and then he told the gang about him and the gang thought he wasn't good gambling and there it was shown that he's a pool shark n and then gambled with Rudy and then Rudy was Gambling again and then he told the gang he stilled gambled and then fat albert said he shouldn't gamble but Rudy said he wont be bad doing it and he bet some money on the gang and fat albert asked that what they are doing waiting and then he was told that they were waiting for their money and the gang tried to stop Rudy but Rudy still wanted to bet and then he told a kid not to play with him because he's a pool shark and then Arnie got mad and then got his men to get Rudy and his gang scared them off and then Arnie got arrested.

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