{{Infobox |Box title = Bucky |image = File:Bucky On The Phone.jpg |Row 1 title = Name |Row 1 info = Bucky |Row 2 title = Voiced by|Row 2 info = Jan Crawford (classic series)|Row 3 title = Portrayed by|Row 3 info = Alphonso McAuley (film)| Bucky is a member of the Junkyard Gang. In the Junkyard Band, he plays a wooden organ (with stovepipes for the pipes).

Personality Edit

Bucky is the smallest of the Junkyard Gang besides Russell. Bucky is a kind hearted and sincere young man. At times he follows the crowd, but matures a little more thoughout the series. He also turns out to be a pretty good athlete with great acrobatic skills. Also, he later becomes somewhat of the dare devil of the gang.

Appearance Edit

As his name suggests, he has a large overbite with buck teeth.

He wears a yellow t-shirt, green pants, and yellow sneakers.

In the film, his appearance is mostly unchanged, but his sneakers are now yellow and white.

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