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Dumb Donald
Dumb Donald DD

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Portrayed by

Lou Schiemer (classic series)
Marques Houston (live-action)

Dumb Donald is the least intelligent member of the gang. He wears a pink stocking cap that covers much of his head, and a long-sleeved green jersey three sizes too big. His parents' house was robbed once.


He is simple minded, but well-meaning. But in the real world, he is intelligent and actually has a face.

  • In the 2009 series, his pink stocking cap was replaced by a blue baseball cap.
  • In the same series, he was shown without stocking cap, and he has no face: just floating eyes and mouth.
  • At the live-action movie, he finally learns to live without his hat.
  • At no time in the original series, was he ever seen without his cap.

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