"Hey hey hey!"
―Fat Albert's catchphrase
Fat Albert


Fat Albert

Voiced by

Bill Cosby (classic series)
Michael Gray (classic series, singing voice)

Portrayed by

Kenan Thompson (film)

Fat Albert is the titular protagonist of the Fat Albert franchise. He is the leader of the Junkyard Gang, and the lead singer of the Junkyard Band. He plays a bagpipe-accordion (made from a funnel, radiator and an airbag)


Fat Albert is the most moral and helpful member of the Junkyard Gang. He works hard to maintain integrity in the gang and with others, if anyone has a problem, he helps them. Fat Albert is also very civic-minded and wise beyond his years.


Fat Albert is an obese African-American teenager.

He wears a red sweater with a white collar, blue jeans with a black belt, and white sneakers with red circles on both sides.

In the film, his appearance is unchanged, apart from his sneakers being red and white instead of all-white.


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