Fernando was a young Latino boy and a friend of Fat Albert and the Gang. He appeared in Gang Wars and was the only character to be killed on-screen.

Gang WarsEdit

The episode starts out with Fat Albert and the Gang help clean out for a new park that will be a place for young kids to play,have a good time,and stay out of trouble. Fernando shows up and volunteers to help out. He even showed them his funny comedy people impressions and jokes, hoping that one day he'll be a famous comedian. Impressed the gang decided to make Fernando MC (Master of Ceremonies) for the grand opening of the new park. However, he's pressured by his older brother Tito to join his street gang that's in a war with another neighborhood. Fat Albert is greatly conderned when he is unable to convince the other gang to stop the violence, and also the fact they have guns, which makes things worse. On the night of the gang war, Fat Albert and Sergent Herandez try to keep Fernando safe while he searches for Tito. But when the boy sees his brother being targeted, he takes the ultimate risk to get his brother out of harm's way, and pays his deadly price, as Fernando is shot to death. Sgt. Hernandez arrests the assailant and other members of the gang. Tito vows revenge, but Fat Albert convinces him that nothing he'll do can bring his brother back. The following day, the park opening is a somber event as Fat Albert's speech is in a sad memory to his fallen friend and the park is named in honor of Fernando Garcia.

"Don't forget us when you become famous."

"Of course not, you're all my amigos." - Fernando says to the gang. 

Bill Cosby's Lesson

"Tito learned what he should have known before. But what a terrible price that lesson cost. Tito lost a brother, Fat Albert and the guys lost a friend, and the whole world lost too. It would've been a happier and better place if Fernando had lived. Every human life is precious and none should be wasted. Well, the new park is finished and we're just in time for the opening ceremony." - Bill Cosby about Fernando's death

"Thank you. This was supposed to be a funny speech by a funny person, a guy who liked to make people laugh. But instead, here I am crying, his name was Fernando. And he was killed last night trying to stop a gang war. Fernando use to joke that he would'nt forget us when he became famous. All he wanted to do was a chance to grow, but a bullet took away that chance. Well, maybe he won't become world famous, but, he'll always be famous to his friends. That's why we're naming this the Fernando Garcia Park." - Fat Albert's speech at the park opening ceremony.

"Thank you Fat Albert. I think Fernando would've been proud. We'll miss you amigo." - Bill Cosby  trivia

his voice was never credited in the show.

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