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The Fat Albert Halloween Special is a prime time special aired on October 24, 1977.


The Junkyard Gang go to a Halloween sale at Root 'N Rummage Emporium. Rudy and Devray are demanding service with only $1.87 between the two of them. This angers Mr. Root who is busy tending to Mrs. Bakewell, a woman who lives in a neglected old house near a spooky cemetery. After seeing Mrs. Bakewell's shadow in the dimly lit store, and bumping into Fat Albert wearing a mask, the two are absolutely terrified. They explain how much of a mean old lady she is, with Fat Albert stating that she isn't any different than any other old person. Devray decides to reach for the item he wants all by himself by climbing on a ladder. He asks Rudy to get a ladder but they fail to secure it. It slips on a barrel and Devray is crashing down on the floor, causing lots of property and merchandise damage. They are thrown out of the store, inadvertently proving their point that "old people are mean".

They change into their costumes, and begin teasing each other. Rudy then tells them that they are late for the cemetery. They are unaware that Rudy and Devray have a surprise for them. Fat Albert scolds them, saying they should not scare others like that. Rudy says "Fat Albert, how can you be so round and yet so square at the same time?" Fat Albert continues to say they shouldn't do that, but the rest of The Junkyard Gang won't admit that they were scared.

The two announce that they have plans to scare Searchlight Johnson, Mudfoot Brown, and Mrs. Bakewell. Fat Albert tries one last time to stop them before walking away disappointed. Fat Albert is not alone in his worries, because ((Devray's little sister)) does not want Devray to be up to any mischief.

They go to the movie. While most of The Junkyard Gang watch the movie about a Squid Monster, Rudy and Devray sneak to the balcony with an old mop brush. They drop the "squid monster" onto Searchlight Johnson, who throws everybody out. They are upset that Devray got them kicked out, with Fat Albert saying that "You have no sense of humor, and no sense." They spend much of the night Trick-Or-Treating until they spot Mudfoot Brown, who lives in a shack with a refrigerator door (with food still on the shelves). Devray and Rudy mistakes Mudfoot for a Headless Horseman and runs away terrified. The rest of them happily ask for treats. Mudfoot ends up eating all of their candy.

They finally make it to Mrs. Bakewell's house. ((Devray's little sister and ?'s little brother)) decided to go visit Mrs. Bakewell all by themselves. The rest of them who try to sneak in the second storey window to rescue them. After that rescue operation lands on Fat Albert, they decide to just knock on the front door. They run behind Fat Albert and push him inside. They land on the rug and are shivering in fear. Mrs. Bakewell. They are surprised to see ((? and ?)) are enjoying snacks and drinks. There is some left for the rest of them. It turns out that Mrs. Bakewell did not get many visitors after Mr. Bakewell had died, and that her property had was only scary because it needed a few small repairs. They then volunteer to help Mrs. Bakewell with her property. Devray does not know about these plans, and is shocked to see ((his little sister)) and The Junkyard Gang enjoyed visiting Mrs. Bakewell. He is upset that he did not get any treats, and demands to know when he gets "what's coming to [him]". ((Devray's sister)) states that he will not have to wait because Devray's father is right there. He grabs Devray because Devray snuck out earlier that night. Devray ends up being all talk and no action, with The Junkyard Gang saying one of their catch phrases, that Devray has "No Class!".

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