Johnny is a character who only appeared in the episode how the west was lost he is an Indian boy who comes from the Hopi tribe he firsts appears being introduced to the class by Miss Bryfogel and then while the gang plays basketball he makes a shot and when he tells them they don't believe him and then when Rudy doesn't believe him when he says he comes from the Hopi Indians he climbs a pole and then jumps from building to building then the next day he shows them how he can swim and he swims fast when they get kicked out from the water by a man then the next day he does a rain dance and then hits his foot. then the gang goes to talk with Mudfoot and he gets annoyed with them saying about what Indians can and can't do. the next day Johnny leaves and everyone says bye to him except for Rudy and then Rudy is shown reading a book about Indians.

trivia he is voiced by Lane Schiemer who is the son of Lou Schiemer who is the voice actor of Dumb Donald

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