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Matthew "Matt" Sinegar [SIN-NIG-GAR] is a 16 year-old African-American/Black teen who currently likes being the fastest,rude,smooth,handsome,cool,bad,stylish,awesome,tall,thin,strong,sociopathic, and flamboyant human being in the world. Matthew eventually committed so many nefarious felonies, including vandalism,threatening to murder/kill people,etc.

Biography Edit

Matthew Alexander "Matt" Sinegar [SIN-NIG-GAR] was eventually born on Saturday,January 12th,2002 in New Orleans,Louisiana.

In his preschool years,Matthew "Matt" SInegar was literally the most athletic, handsome,charming,coolest,fastest,strong,intelligent,hairstyling,stylish,upbeat,flamboyant,kind,smoothest, luckiest,richest, & awesome preschooler in the whole entire preschool history. Matt eventually graduated preschool. He eventually received his own preschool diploma.

Matthew's life is just eventually receiving better & better.

But in first grade,Matthew revealed a darker side inside himself,he likes to do bad stuff.

Trivia Edit

  • He literally murdered Lead Teen's whole entire family.

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