Mudfoot Brown

Voiced by

Bill Cosby (classic series)
Earl Billings (film)

Mudfoot Brown is an old vagrant who frequently gives advice to and is a close friend of Fat Albert and the Junkyard Gang.


Mudfoot is an extremely kind individual who gives frequently gives life lessons, advice, and helps Fat Albert and the Junkyard Gang whenever he can. Whenever Mudfoot helps someone work out a problem, he gets them to do the reasoning themselves rather than doing the reasoning himself.

He can be very stern and serious if any of his friends (especially Fat Albert) are threatened, seen when he confronts Tyrone.


Mudfoot is an elderly and frail African-American man with white hair, eyebrows, and a white mustache.

He wears a brown, worn-out fedora, a red trenchcoat, a tan turtleneck sweater, brown pants, and brown leather shoes.

In the film, Mudfoot's appearance has changed drastically. He is much shorter, his mustache is gone and his facial hair is on his chin, his hair is grey instead of white and eyebrows are black, and his pants are green.


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