Portrayed by

Bill Cobsy (classic series)
Jermaine Williams (live-action movie)

Mushmouth is a blubbering character who speaks Ubbi Dubbi with big lips, slack-jawed, and buckteeth. The gang knows what he's saying in the cartoons, but in the movie, his voice is higher, and Weird Harold is the only kid that knows what he is saying, and in the park scene from the movie when he's learning how to say, "balloon", he speaks in a normal noise. His instrument is a green homemade bass guitar for The Junkyard Band. His clothing is a red winter hat with a blue scarf, yellow shirt, yellow shoes, and red pants with a black buckle. When he laughs with the gang, he puts his fingers in his ears, and laughs with a goofy smile. In the episode, "Handwriting on the Wall", all he does on the stage is putting up signs for the Graffiti Follies. On the original series he does not have strapes unlike on the movie. He plays a Accordion in the movie, instead of the green homemade bass guitar.

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