pee wee is a character in fat albert

in the runt the gang thought he couldn't play in their game to beat the 3 river blockbusters and made fun

and then that made him sad

and then when they saw t6hat he was good at kicking he was in the game and then the 3 river blockbusters saw it and planned to get their secret weapon

and then they were doing their game against the 3 river blockbusters and then the gang started the game they were winning the game and then they pulled out their secret weapon and they were kicking the ball and then he kicked it too high and then it got stuck in a hole and then the gang tried to get it out and then they couldn't it belonged to the brother of one of them and then they couldn't and then they got cluck to do it but then he got scared by a spider and then they got pee wee to do it and then he got it and then the leader of the 3 river blockbusters thanked and said they'll never make fun of little guys again but they will still make fun of fat albert and then told not to listen he's got his friends he also appeared in the episode sign off where cool Roy wrote graffiti

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