Penny is a girl who only appeared in the episode the tomboy he first appears being introduced by ms. bryfogel and then when the gang corner each other she carries Russell and says " where do you want this ? " then  she sees the gang playing sports and wants to says but they are sexist and think she can't play it and then she kicks the football really high and the gang is amazed by her kick and then they play tennis and she plays against Rudy and then they plan for Rudy to let her beat him and then she beats Rudy and then Dumb Donald does a pole jump and gets hurt and then her and her a little girl sees there's a contest and she thinks she enter it and do good then Fat Albert comes and  bloats that she can't bake and then says she can and enters the baking contest and he beats her and then they at the end they start to play with her sports and she helps them to be better at sports.

she is voiced by Erika Scheimer who is the daughter of Lou Scheimer who is the voice actor for Dumb Donald

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