Not much is known about the Fat Albert universe before Saga 1. Pre Saga 1 is when the Fat Albert universe was free of the evil forces of the GNAA and Michael Snyder, the universe was more peaceful at this time.

Characters Pre Saga 1 Edit


Fat Albert Edit

Fat Albert pre Saga 1 was a typical African American teenager, he had an even worse weight problem back then as he weighed in at 640 pounds compared to the 325 at the start of Saga 1. It was evident at this time that Fat Albert was a big fan of tackle football, nobody could tackle him due to his immense weight thus making Fat Albert's team always win.



Nico Yazawa Edit

Nico pre Saga 1 was a child. Her main goal for life was to be a school idol before Michael Snyder convinced her to be one of his evil henchmen, she also grew a like to cooking and dancing during this time.

Dumb Donald Edit

Prior to the events of Saga 1, Dumb Donald was an average teenager, who due to his heritage, was 50% Sonichu, 10% Cherokian, and 40% African-American. He possessed a strong will, however due to being treated as an outcast, he lost his heart to the darkness and became a Nobody. The transformation was so traumatic that Dumb Donald mentally blocked it, and as a result, until Fat Albert discovered the truth, nobody knew this secret-- not even himself.