Rudy: "Hey, mom, this is me! R.N.T.M.K! That means Rudy, The No Mistakes Kid! I know what I'm doing!"
Mrs. Davis: "I hope so son, I certainly hope so."
— Rudy talking with his mother in Busted


Rudy Davis

Voiced by

Eric Suter (classic series)

Portrayed by

Shedrack Anderson III (film)

Rudy Davis is a member of the Junkyard Gang. In the Junkyard Band, he plays the banjo (made from a broomstick handle and sewing-thread spool), though at times he plays a real electric guitar, customized with the letter R.

Personality Edit

Rudy's a cocky smooth-talking huckster who likes to play jokes and tricks. Rudy also often makes fun of the rest of the gang, and sometimes acts superior to the others, but inside has a good heart and learns from his mistakes.

In the film, Rudy's personality is very different and now acts like a well-mannered, kind-hearted gentleman.

Appearance Edit

Rudy is a skinny African-american teenager.

He wears an orange flat cap, a pink turtleneck, a red vest, purple bell-bottom jeans, and red boots.

In the film, his appearance is mostly unchanged, apart from his boots now being purple.

He looks like that 80's wrestling manager Slick.

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