Russell Cosby

Portrayed by

Jan Crawford (classic series)
Jeremy Suarez (movie)

Russell Cosby is a member of the Junkyard Gang, and Bill's younger brother. In the Junkyard Band, he plays the xylophone (made out of empty cans and a discarded coat rack) As his name suggests, he is based on Bill Cosby's real-life brother—whom he often talked about in his routines.


Russell has a penchant for making snide remarks and blunt observations (much to his older brother's consternation). Russell frequently criticizes Rudy, reserving his most withering insults for when Rudy is being especially cocky. His catchphrase is "no class."

Apperance Edit

Russell is an African-American kid based on Bill Cosby's brother.

He wears a heavy blue jacket, a yellow scarf, red boots, and a dark blue Ushanka winter hat regardless of the weather.

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