Scrap iron is the Cosby kids hero Except Russell's he not the Cosby's Kids hero no more when tells somebody he has never seen them before then he Try's to escape but Russell stop his getaway now he is not they hero anymore.

he first appears playing a guitar badly

and when he is in the pool hall he lies to the pool hall owner saying he's never seen the gang in his life and they were going to ask him why he told the pool hall owner why he's never the gang in his life and then everyone gasps and answers the same thing as bill and then makes the gang clean his motorcycle and then they can ride it and they flip coins to see who gets to ride and only three people get to ride and they are fat albert dumb Donald and weird Harold and almost get hurt riding it and a policeman comes and asks them if they a license and they get confused and then scarp iron comes and lies to the policeman and says that they stole his motorcycle and the policeman writes it down and they asks for his license and he tries to escape but russel stops and scrap iron falls in cement .


scrap iron has the same voice actor as other characters like cool Roy and Thurmond and Otis and other characters in season 1 episodes