Suede Simpson is a character from the Fat Albert show. He is a friend of the gang, he does not like to take baths or a shower, which resulted with people moving away from him. Fat Albert tries to tell Suede but fails because he doesn't want to hurt Suede's feelings. Russell finally shouted at Suede to clean himself, which made him very upset. In the end he decides to take a shower and starts being cleaned for now on. 

Suede SimpsonEdit

Suede first shows up at the Junkyard where Fat Albert and the guys were painting the fences. Suede joins in to help out, as he takes off his jacket, Russell smells it, making him and the guys realizes that he stinks. At school after gym class, Fat Albert and the guys were taking showers, except for Suede who missed out on it. His stench causes the gang to avoid him. Soon they all draw straws to tell Suede to take a shower, and Fat Albert was the one to do it. He tries to tell Suede, but fails because he doesn't want to hurt Suede's feelings. The following day, Fat Albert and the gang were invited to Wanda's party, but they were sneaking around to avoid Suede. When Suede finally spots them, he tags along with them to Wanda's party. At the party, everybody avoids him, eventually coming to the point when everyone starts to leave the party. Suede begs them not to go, causing Russel to shout at him for being dirty. Upset, Suede storms away, and leaves in a huff. He finally realizes that he stinks, and takes a bath. The following day, Fat Albert and the Gang sees Suede all clean and happy. 

 he is voiced by Eric Suter who voices Rudy.

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