take two they're small is a episode from season 3 in fat albert

it first starts that the gang are at fat albert's house and it is raining and fat albert has to babysit Justin

and fat albert's father asks them to go outside since the rain stopped

and then when they were walking it started to rain again Rudy said to go in the shed but Justin said to go in a store

and fat albert didn't want to go inside but Justin and the gang went inside and they look around and fat albert meets a man named Harlow and lies to fat albert that works with all young children and he whispers to Justin and he says for fat albert and him to case the store and then they get kicked out by a man and then Justin gives fat albert a candy bar that he didn't pay for which is stealing and fat albert worries when he sees a police car he imagines Justin in jail and he tells his parents about it then while Justin goes to school harlow is there and then tells him he's hit the big time and gives him a dollar and then fat albert tells his parents about what Justin stole and about Harlow they call his parents and tell them about it and then Justin gets upset because he told them and then while the gang are playing a game fat albert comes and tells the gang about it and about Harlow and then Harlow comes and wants the gang to steal for him but they refuse and then they go with fat albert to report him and then see with something he stole and then goes to Justin and tells him to do the big thing and chase fat albert and the gang chase Harlow and get some stuff he stole that he dropped while he was running and report him to the police and then while they were walking with Justin they see Harlow outside the police station and with a man that looks like a detective and he tells Harlow they will know when he's getting people to steal for him and Fat Albert says he feels bad for him but the gang Justin says that he did the right thing.

Bill Cosby asFat Albert \ Mushmouth \ Bill 
Lou Schiemer as Dumb Donald\ fat albert's dad \ Justin's dad 
 Gerald Edwards as Weird Harold
 Eric Suter as Rudy \ Justin \ Harlow 
  Jay Schiemer as fat albert's mom \ Justin's mom