Tito is a character who only appeared in the Fat Albert episode "Gang Wars". He's part of the 33rd street gang. He wanted his younger brother Fernando to join him in his gang but he instead convinces him to join his gang, but Fernando wanted to be a comedian instead.

In the epilogue, it is revealed that Tito gave up his life of crime after his brother's tragic death.

Bill Cosby's Lesson Edit

"Did you hear what Tito said? "Either you're with us or against us." Sure doesn't give you much of a choice does it? And that's how fights start, and gang wars and world wars. And all it takes is two sides who have a disagreement, won't compromise, she'll say no and then i'll say yes. Eventually after a couple of drinks she ain't talking no more so my yes ain't gettin' shut down ya hear me?." - Bill Cosby's Lesson on Gang Wars

Quotes Edit

"I'll kill them. I'll get a gun and KILL them!" - Tito vowing revenge to avenge Fernando after his death.

"And then, they'll get you. Don't you understand? You've seen what happens when fight and revenge is all you think of! You've seen what had happened to Fernando! When does it stop, man?! Fernando died trying to save you, and it's all gonna be for nothing cause you're gonna end up dead too!" - Fat Albert confronting Tito after Fernando's death.

"But why did they do it? Why did they kill my brother? Why didn't they shoot me instead?" 

"We have the one that pulled the trigger. But he's not the only guilty one. You're part of it too." - Tito mourns the loss of Fernando, after Sgt. Hernandez arrests the gang.